Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm back! Miss me?

Yes, I think I'm back. I'm back to writing on my blog. I've missed it. Writing a bit every day was a great exercise. But I also think I'm getting back to my sassy self. Frankly, I've become a bit of a recluse here in Chicago. First because I was so swampped with work, which was/is fantastic. Work is great. But the first six months have been crazy busy. It's exciting stuff, but now things are slowing down just a tad. My other excuse as to why I'm a recluse is the cold weather. It's freakn cold here.

But it was a beautiful sunny weekend. A balmmy 35 degrees. You know I've adjusted to cold weather when I walk around and say that 35 degrees is balmy. Yesterday was lovely. I popped over to my neighborhood Irish bar for some good bar food and met the owner who was such a sweetheart. The bartenders are so good to me. From there I headed to the Garfield Conservatory. I wanted to be surronded by greenery. And that was the perfect place for it. They have a lovely Fern and Palm collection. It was so humid which is a nice change from the dry air here. I walked into the tropics room and it was actually hot! Loved it! So nice to walk around without a coat, be surronded by green plants and feel sunshine and heat. It's definitely a winter time favorite. From there I went to Oak Park and walked around the shops.

Anyway, I'm going to get out more and do more exploring of Chicago. No more recluse behavior for me! And I'm going to blog more. Hope you come back.


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