Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Update

This was a fun weekend here in Chicago. Started out Friday at Sushi Wabi on Randolph for dinner with Mara and Mike. Mara is my cousin, Mike is her husband. They are both so good to me. We ate a ton of sushi; and it was good, but not as good as Sushi on the Rock. I miss the Kitchen Sink roll! From there we went to Red Kiva, where I had previously gone on a date. It's a jazz bar down the street. They had a good dj and we had a couple of drinks. Then after Sandy, Mike's buddy showed up we went to Fulton Lounge a couple blocks away.

Saturday morning went to my favorite Yoga class at Yoga Now Chicago. I take an Ashtanga yoga class, which is an extremely challenging form of Yoga. I love it. But as I was hung over from the previous night, I was pretty slow and lazy during the class. After a couple hours of naptime, I felt rejuvenated. Since it was cold on Saturday, I spent the day cleaning up my house and laundry, watching Lord of the Rings on TBS. It was a nice afternoon.

Saturday night Mara and I went to dinner at Sepia. A fabulous restaurant. We didn't have reservations, so sat in the lounge. I had a wonderful lamb stew with pasta, it was delicious. The wine was excellent. From there we went to a co-worker's 30th birthday party. Yes, 30! He was going on about how old he felt. Punk. Yet, there I was shot gunning beer.

I was so hung over on Sunday. After a long morning, reading the paper and drinking coffee I took a nap. Finally made it out to The Art Institute of Chicago to see the Homer/Hopper exhibit. But because I arrived so late I was unable to see both exhibits. I really enjoyed the Homer exhibit. He really mastered light in both watercolor and oil paintings.
It was a nice weekend... but too much drinking. :)

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