Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Well, it's 5:15 on a Tuesday.  And I'm beat.  About to head out the door to go to Yoga Now Chicago for my yoga teacher training.  Only a few more weeks and I'll complete my teacher training.  Can't wait.

Need to stop by the post office, get some gas, pick up a lottery ticket, pick up dry cleaning, go grocery shopping, mail my New Year's cards.... ugg will the personal crap never end. 

So I may try blogging again.  I'm doing a bit more personal writing.  Stephanie gave me a 5-Year Diary, which is helping me document my life a bit and I started the picture a day project a while ago on Flickr.

I really like the 5-Year Diary.  There's a page a day, with five entries on a page where you can write in the year and a couple of lines about who you saw and what you did.  It complements my Day in the Life picture project where I'm trying to take a photo a day of the things I'm doing and people I'm seeing.  Right now the pictures are boring... early January and not too much going on.
I post to Flickr from Yahoo! mobile and then I've added an app to Facebook to pull in the pictures to my profile.

Need to thinks of a picture to take tonight.  I've already taken a ton of pics of my fellow yoga teacher trainees.  Oh well.  TTFN.

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