Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bayside Concert

Last night I went to see one of my favorite performers, John Legend, at Bayside venue by Viejas at the Embarcadero Park South. I'm a huge fan of John Legend and his opening act was Corrine Bailey Rae, who is also a terrific performer, so I was really excited to see this show. I'd never seen a show at this venue and really didn't know what to expect.

The location is really great... right behind the Convention Center on the Bay facing west. So as the sun set, the clouds were all pink and purple and you could see the marine layer float in. However, once the sun went down it got really cold, really fast. I really felt bad for this girl in front of us who just had on this tiny little cotton top and shorts!!! It was probably in the 50's last night. Typically, they don't have seating at this venue and people just bring blankets. But last night there was seating, which was great... but last night it seemed like the speakers weren't loud enough. I kept looking around and noticed people just sitting around like they were at a lecture... not at a concert. I was dancing and singing... I think that perhaps they kept the speakers low, because of recent complaints from the millionaires that live on Coronado. Apparently the music in the past has disturbed their peace. Anyway read more about that here.

John Legend put on a good performance. He had some new re-mixes, but very little new material since I saw him perform at the HOB in November. As we were walking out we discovered you can sit outside the fences and here the music. There were people with picnics and blankets. Seemed fun.

I took this photo of the back of the Convention Center as we were leaving. It's pretty neat. (Neat is such a weird word... can't believe I justed used it in a sentence.) But the stairs light up and reflect back on the bay. Its kind of small, I took it on my cell phone.

Check out a concert at Bayside sometime, fun experience!

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Meredith said...

Oh, I wanted to go to that so badly! Glad it was fun. :)