Monday, April 02, 2007

April Horoscopes

My friend KZ has me hooked on my monthly horoscope at the AstrologyZone by Susan Miller. The monthly horoscopes are very detailed and long. She covers everything, romance, work, life etc. I'm a Scorpio. That's right... don't mess with me! Apparently this is going to be a great month for my romantic life:

Your romantic life is about to perk up beautifully. It's time to go out and see what the world has to offer, dear Scorpio. Every member of your sign, of every possible marital status, will be included.

Do you have no one to love? Mars will enter your romance sector on April 6, to join Uranus and Mercury, already there, to stay until May 15. From the moment Mars enters, you will start to have romantic choices. With Mars in Pisces, the sign of two fishes, you may have two sweethearts in time to decide about.
Interesting. Susan also says that April 21 is the perfect day for me to get a pet! It's down on my calendar, I'll be taking the day to visit lots of shelters.

Finally, if you've been thinking of getting a pet for your household, you'll have one of the very best points of the year to choose one. Do so at the new moon, April 17 or in the days that follow.

If you visit the animal shelter on Saturday, April 21, your best day, you'll find a little animal with a rare and special affinity to you. Your little creature could become like family to you.

I'm sure my friends Denise and Stephanie are screaming right now... they've been telling me for months.... no, Years to get a dog, and I decide when I read it in my horoscope! Yeah, I don't get me either.

Overall, I've got mixed feelings about what she writes related to my work life... it appears that I need to continue focusing on my freelance work.

What seems to be happening this month is that all the right assignments will come to you now, ones you will be able to use to show as evidence of your growing stature in your industry. You are learning a great deal about your job, and that learning period is almost over now.

This month, Saturn is about to turn direct after being retrograde since December 2006. Once Saturn changes to direct speed on April 19, you will see your professional life take on new vibrancy. You may have been despondent about the slowness of your professional progress lately, but this month, you will be heartened to see lots of progress. Don't give up. You have walked the 1,000-mile journey and you are so close to getting to your oasis. Onward and upward!
Anyway, it's fun to read her horoscope each month. You should read yours here.

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Anonymous said...

It is fun to get and read your own monthly horoscope every once in a while, or every month should I say. Though, different resources may give out different readings, what would matter most is on how we interpret those readings and make use of them for our daily lives.