Sunday, April 29, 2007

How NOT to Hire Someone - Part II

So, in part I of this saga, you learned how I'd been back burnered by a company that I had been interviewing with. When I made this post, following my second interview with the CEO, I wasn't sure what to do. My good friend Eydie called and offered me the advice of contacting the VP of Marketing, the hiring manager, to address any concerns that he had and the CEO had again to be sure that he had the ammunition to fight for me. Which I did. I left three voice mails for the VP and sent one follow up email. But I didn't hear from him until two days later when he sent this email:

Got your messages. Sorry about the delay. I spoke with the CEO and let me give you an update.

1) CEO has been asking me about marketing and our long term plan. he wants to invest a lot more money in marketing for a number of reasons in 2H’07.

2) As such, he wants to make sure whomever we bring in for Marketing is a real pro.

3) I represented that I believe you are very good, and your references where solid.

4) The CEO wants me to investigate one other candidate that he has forwarded. We are interviewing them on Friday.

I apologize for the process. This is not how I like to work. However, he’s the boss. I will let you know where we stand on Monday.

So, Monday came and went... didn't hear anything. So Tuesday at the end of the day, I sent a follow up note, just asking if he had made a decision. I've not heard a thing from him. I can not believe that now, after he said there was an offer for me, that he won't even call to let me know that they are going with some one else. No apology or anything. Really can't believe that! A new low for the job search process.

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SweetwaterBob said...

I hate when that happens. It's like they get your hopes all worked up then drop you.
Found this / yours when looking for San Diego Blogs.