Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Sorry I've not posted in awhile. The whole process of being told I had a job offer and then it disappearing really got me down. There were some other factors as well, but I was really in the dumps. I can't say I'm totally better now, but I'm working on it. The fact that I'm alone all day long doesn't help. My mind starts a going and sometimes just doesn't stop.

So, my freelance business is not going as gangbusters as I had hoped and I've not done a thing about my other business idea. I've been experiencing alot of doubt about my abilities over the last few months. I'm also sick with worry about money. So I've opened up my job search to outside of San Diego. Chicago and San Francisco to be specific. And I have been interviewing for a position in one of those cities. The hiring manager today said he wants me to come out for a face-to-face. I'm not over joyed by the idea of moving. Starting over, building new friendships. It takes a while to build strong friendships.

So we'll see... stay tuned.

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