Thursday, May 24, 2007

How TO Hire Someone

Well, it's been a year since I was laid off by Dot HELL and the first few months were really enjoyable. The last few months... not so much, very stressful. I've found it really difficult to find the right opportunity here in San Diego. I've interviewed with just about everyone, Sony, PetCo, Intuit, Iomega and many others. Finding the right level of challenge, growth opportunity and salary has proven to be extremely difficult. For some reason, companies here in San Diego don't want to pay for the marketing expertise that I have developed over the years. I've worked for some really big companies, Sprint, CompUSA and Gateway and have managed some really remarkable marketing programs.

Anyway, after one year of searching San Diego, I've come up empty handed. But after a week and a half of opening up my search to outside of San Diego, San Francisco and Chicago to be exact, I have a job offer! How amazing is that!

I've not accepted yet, some details to work out... but looks like I'm leaving San Diego... for the time being at least. I find it amazing that there are companies out there that are willing to pay for my relocation across the country and pay me exceptionally well, yet companies in San Diego are not.

So, this is news to many of my friends out there... I'll send out an email announcement once it's finalized and I wrap up some details personally and with some of my clients. It'll be a couple of weeks so I'll be able to see everyone before I go. Oh, and the opportunity is outstanding. I'll provide more details on that as well.

Thanks to everyone for your support over the last year. When I make the move I'll continue to post to this blog, so you can continue to follow hopefully mostly UPs from here on out!



Paula Suzette said...

Congratulations on your new job! I, like you am in the Marketing/Adv. field and living in San Diego...unemployed. I was laid-off almost a year ago, and temping off/on. The job market here is awful. I've been in my field for more than 10yrs. and never gone this long without a job. Anyway, the best of luck to you and your new venture!

The College Chronicler said...

congrats on your new job!