Sunday, June 03, 2007


I can't tell you how excited I am about the possibilities of life again! Wow! What a difference a month makes... just a month ago, I was extremely low. My prospects were not good. Since opening myself up, everything has changed. I'm moving to Chicago! And I am so excited. Even the thought of snow can't damper my spirits right now. So, since my last post, I've accepted the position, flew to Chicago and found a great apartment to rent in Lakeview.

I flew in last Wednesday and my Aunt picked me up from the airport. We drove around and the first few neighborhoods we saw were ok. I was pretty underwhelmed. I kept telling myself that it would be ok... I would grow to love it. But then we picked up my cousin and she drove us to Lakeview and I was like, this is it! Love it!

The next day we went and looked at several rentals I found on CraigsList. Again, very underwhelmed. I was getting really worried... (p.s. can I tell you how surprised I am at how expensive it is to rent there... as much or more than when I was renting in La Jolla, CA). Then I put it out there, like in The Secret, that I was going to find a fabulous place to live in. And then we stopped at a real estate office and the next place I saw was it! Right on the main street of Lakeview above a bakery, next to a bar and ice cream shop! Two blocks from Anthropologie! Two blocks!!!! A block from the grocery store. The street is lined with boutiques and salons and restaurants and is very safe. The place itself is charming, hardwood floors, bay window, built in hutch. Kitchen and bathroom old and dated. But wait, it gets better. The next day after signing my lease, the leasing agent calls and says the landlord wants to gut the bathroom and re-do it with granite and marble!! Gut it!!! Woot!!! So excited!!

Anyway, I'm so happy! Yeah for me!

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Sheila said...

Hope you are enjoying Chicago. My older son lived in Lakeview for a while and enjoyed all the restaurants and the neighbor. Good luck with the new job.