Friday, March 30, 2007

Book Recommendation: The Secret

A couple of weeks ago Oprah featured the author of a Book and DVD called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It's about the secret to life and to getting EVERYTHING you've ever wanted in life. The premise is based on the Law of Attraction. That we attract everything into our lives through our thoughts. It's basically the power of positive thought and manifesting our thoughts. It talks about how most people think thoughts about what they don't want; however the universe doesn't understand the don't concept, so it actually brings about the things that we don't want. I feel that this is really true in my life. For example, whenever I walk into the hallway of my building I think about how I don't want to see BW and his little chiquita. But inevitably I see them. Prior to this never, did I run into him. I also when I meet a new guy, automatically think about how I hope he is not another guy who doesn't want a relationship and guess what. He doesn't!

So how I'm putting this into practice is to stop thinking about BW/chiquita... I'm gong to train myself to think about how successful I'm going to be at my freelance work life. I'm also going to train myself to start believing that the next great guy that I meet IS going to want a relationship WITH ME! I tell you though that last one is going to be hard. I've become Pavlov's dog in that respect.

Anyway, the book is good. It has some really great concepts in it. The DVD is even more powerful. I think you can go to The Secret website and watch the movie for $5 or so. I really suggest you watch. I think we can all use a little more positive framing in our life and focus on those self-fulfilling prophecies in a positive way.

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