Sunday, December 31, 2006

Blondes as Villians

Ok, watched My Super Ex-Girlfriend on Friday night. Now, why are blonds always cast as the crazy ex-girlfriend? Seriously. Uma Thurman was a completely neurotic, needy blond in the movie. Makes me cringe. Thank goodness I've never sought revenge like on any of my exs.

Read in the January 2007 Glamour, about a contest of sorts. "In 750 words or less, tell us about an event, encounter or moment in your life when something incredibly important, empowering, humorous, astonishing or inspiring happened to you. How did you come out of it victorious, stronger and wiser?

"Up to three stories will be selected and turned into short films. We'll script, film and screen them for Glamour readers, Hollywood insiders and film enthusiasts."

If you are interested and have an idea go to

Off tonight to celebrate NYE with Charlotte and Debra at Il Fornaio in Del Mar. Should be good for some laughs. All the high-falootin hoighty-toighty del marians should be out in full-force.

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