Friday, December 22, 2006

Job Update...

So just received the call from B&B that they have made an offer to another candidate for the Director of Corporate Communications position. They left that message to me today and I've not called yet to find out any more details. Not sure what I'm going to. I've so disheartened. I've got a great resume and experience, yet can't seem to get hired to save my life.

Since I've passed my real estate exam I can go do that. But there is a price of entry into real estate and no guarantee of income. Then there is the radio opportunity. I'm not excited about the job. Should I take a job in which there is a high probability of unhappiness(high stress + low self-esteem + sales' bitch = unhapiness) for a guaranteed salary or a job in which I will have the freedom to work as hard as I want for no guaranteed salary but in which I could make a bunch of money on the upside.

Should I move out of my condo. Should I rent it out? I don't think I can cover all my expenses through rent, but I could write that off on my taxes. If I could find a place to live in which my rent was $500 - $1000 I would be saving some money each month. And I still have my HELOC, but I'm just getting further into debt each month. It could take a while to sell it, so I would still have that to cover in the meantime.

What to do, what to do? So bummed. Worst Christmas EVER.

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