Friday, December 29, 2006

Boring day...

I've been so bored this afternoon. I've been trying to read or work on my business plans, but my attention span is naught. I've been trying to think of something fun to write about. Didn't bother with job search today as no one's in the office. Told myself to follow up with the radio station today, but if there is bad news, and I have no way of knowing if there will be bad news, I don't want it before New Years Eve. I'd like to go into the New Year full of optimism. Am I full of optimism? Not really. Working on it.

Went to the gym this am, out at the Mission Valley Mall and I ran into the Club Boy. Club Boy is not exactly a boy. He's close to my age, maybe older, can't remember. But I always see him out at JBar, the W or Airport or someplace like that, with his friend Marcus and he's always buzzed/drunk which makes him talk really fast. Anyway, we had one date back after Dr. Mark, before I had bounced back from that trauma, and well it never went anywhere. Since then I've only seen him when I've been with out a job. He must think I'm a terrible loser. He's cute. He has a history with golf. I know he manages some courses or something, but I think when we were on our date he hinted at something about golf... I don't know. Anyway, he's got a twinkle to his eye. And some very good characteristics... likes to have fun, works out regularly, fit, has long-term tight friendships, likes to travel (and has propositioned me to travel with him), has strong family connections, likes sushi (our first date was sushi) from Chicago, has a good job, owns property, skis and golfs. All-in-all a very rounded guy. I thought to myself, that I should give this guy another chance, if he'd be interested in me. So, I sent him a little note inviting him to join me and my peeps at the Balboa Park Club ballroom dancing sometime. We'll see if he bites. Can't believe I did that. Just yesterday with Skelly, she offered to set me up with a guy and I about had a panic attack thinking about it. Sheesh.

So, the other exciting thing is that my friend DezineGirl has offered to design my logo and business card for Mixed Media Communications! She sent through some designs today. I'm marinating on the one I like the most. I'm so grateful for her help. Anyone need a freelance Graphic Designer? I got a girl for you!

Well, tonight its chili and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. I may try knitting, to keep me busy. Really looking forward to Tuesday, when people are back in the office and I can follow up on some resumes and with Edge of World Retreats. People! Get BACK TO WORK! so I can too!

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