Saturday, February 10, 2007

Business Services

As I delve into developing my own businesses, all sorts of thoughts and ideas pop into my head as "oh, I need to take care of that." One thing I've been wrestling with is taking payment. How am I going to accept payment for services. Obviously, I'll take cash and checks, but what about Credit Cards how can I do that?

Well, I'm thinking of using Advantage Processors. Advantage Processors offers "Merchant Accounts" for credit card processing so that a business can accept credit card payments. They work with both internet and offline/retail establishments. That would allow me to take credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. I think that would be beneficial in my PatioScaping business? Don't you?

I could take a deposit and final payment, via credit card. I think many people would want to pay me that way. Advantage Processors offers competitive pricing and low transaction rates, which is key. There is no reason to take a credit card payment if the majority is going to be taken by the processor.

The other benefit to taking credit cards, is the ability to track payments as far as bookkeeping goes. In looking at my skin care business last year, I have not done a great job in tracking payment or expenses, but with Advantage Processors, I'll be able to track payments against invoices. Brilliant!

I guess there is no reason for me not to just dive into my PS business. Really, what's the hold up?

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Anonymous said...

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shannon said...

it would definitely be a good idea to open a merchant account for your patio scape business to start accepting credit cards. there are online alternatives, but your customers may not have internet access, or not feel comfortable putting their credit card numbers on the internet.

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