Monday, February 26, 2007

Shopping Sabbatical Broken Toe

How's that for a word twister? Well, it's happened. I broke the shopping sabbatical today.

It's due to the fact that I broke my big toe last Thursday night. Walking through Balboa Park, I fell down some stairs and as I did to avoid taking out my teeth, I did this weird body twist that in which I rotated on my right big toe in sky high heels and landed on my left hand. So when I stood up, shaken and started walking my toe was throbbing.

We were on our way to Culture and Cocktails. We noticed Jon the Sculptor's limo (yes, he's such a partier that he actually bought a limo so that he and his friends could get wasted and he hires local kids to drive them around) parked out front. No Jon, but we did see his sidekick Bobby. Uggh. After waiting in the extremely long line for about five minutes we were told that since we were so far back in line and hadn't bought tickets in advance chances are we wouldn't get in. So we walked/limped over to the Prado for a cocktail. After a glass of wine and a nosh, we headed out and discovered that it was pouring rain! No umbrella. And of course I had to park pretty much at the zoo because so many people we at the Museum event. So I ran/walked fast to the car in my sky high heels with a broken toe.

Next morning confirmed it was broken, bruised, swollen, not able to bend it or put weight on it. I've been wearing tennis shoes since - I only own one pair of flat shoes. Can you believe that? All my shoes have a heel. Anyway the flat shoes that I own are not comfortable.

And as a side note, I've become disenchanted with my wardrobe. I hate everything I own and pretty much wear the same two tops and pair of yoga pants every day. I decided last week that I was going to use all my gift cards given to me as gifts to get some new clothes.

Tonight, I made my way to the Gap and bought three tops, a pair of jeans and some ballet slippers. It's not so much that I shopped because I said I could use the gift cards on the shopping sabbatical, but I went over the gift card amount. And now when I think about what I have to do to make that money back, I kind of feel guilty. I may have to take the shoes back, because after my toe is better I won't be wearing them and I do have my uncomfortable shoes. I may have to re-evaluate the uncomfortable shoes figure out a way to improve them.

So that's that.

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