Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chocolate Frosting

I'm totally jonesing for some chocolate tonight. Ate all of the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Ice Cream that LB had "hidden" in my freezer earlier this week. Last night went with KZ for a drink to Extraordinary Desserts and after enjoying a delightful cheese plate, split a chocolate croissant bread pudding with her and her late arriving husband. So I'm now on a kick. Found some Sara Lee frosting at the back of the refrig and enjoyed a spoonful. With all the chocolate and carb-loading I've been doing lately and lack of fitness I've been practicing I'm growing into a very health girl! I'm going to resolve that tomorrow!

Anyway, trying to figure out what to write about?? And then found this site tonight: Ririan Project. I really enjoyed reading his post on Ten Commandments for Living a Bold Life. Number 5 really struck a cord with me. I was wallowing in the self-pity pool pretty much all late last year and through January. "It's not fair. Life's not fair." Buggh. Really disgust myself sometimes. But I like his take on it. Of course life's not fair. Everyone would have the same things. I can turn this around at any time.

In the process of reading The Secret. A book promoted on Oprah. It talks about the Law of Attraction and how what you put out there you get back. It's a bit new agey for me. Some of it I agree with. I do believe (and have not been practicing very well) that everything you put out there comes back to you multiple times. When you're a bitch to someone it comes back to you with two or three people being bitchy to you. One thing I've gotten out of it is some visualization exercises. So, I've taken one of the business cards that I acquired last week during an interview with a company I'd like to work for and I've crossed out his name and wrote in my name. I've got it right here. Looking at it right now. It's hard, in my mind, I keep going "I hope I get it." When according to the book I need to be "of course I'm going to get it." I found out on Friday that I didn't get one of the other jobs that I had interviewed for and when I got off the phone that's what I thought. "Of course I didn't get that job with XYZ internet security company, because I'm going to get the job with XYZ software company."

Well Grammys are about to start and I really want to watch. So that's all folks. Enjoy. Have a great week.

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