Monday, March 12, 2007


I'm really struggling with the discipline it takes to manage my time while freelancing. I've found a great tool to utilize to track my hourly billing; but I'm not that great at activating it or turning it off.

Today for example, I got up early and feel like I was pretty productive, yet, when I look at the hours I billed 2:29, I feel like I haven't been productive at all. My goal is to bill a minimum of 3 hours a day, and I know I spent 3 hours working for my clients. I did spend way too much time on my volunteer work with a marketing association today, so that doesn't help. Plus, I'm not that great with using the time. Hitting it when I start and when I finish a project.

I guess the more I use it the more effective I'll be at starting it and ending it timely.


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venus & mars said...

i know the difficulty of floating through time one has allocated for specific paid work, if only we all had our own built in body clock timing work & play!