Sunday, March 11, 2007

Maybe a date...

So, I may be going on a date next week. Yep. Last Wednesday, went to a networking event and met two guys. Pretty big night for me. Anyway, met the first guy, "N", he seemed nice enough. The girls were adamant after he left the bar to have dinner in the restaurant, that I give him my card suggesting we get a drink sometime. As we were debating that, another guy "S" sits down and starts giving me the eye. KZ was convinced that S was 10 years younger then me. Anyway, long story short, I sent my card over to N via a waitress, and as we were flying out of the bar, S, mans up and asks me for my info. AND then he's even brave enough to email me and suggest we get together for a drink. So, right now we are trying to figure out when that will be. So looks like I'm going to possibly have a date. Pretty interesting.

Don't forget to Spring Forward. Huh... maybe it's the spring thing.

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