Thursday, March 29, 2007

Welcome International Visitors!

My good friend Jeff A. encouraged me to add Google Analytics to my blog. It provides some very interesting info. Last week I had more new visitors than existing. Wow! Anyway, the cool thing is that there is a map on Google Analytics that shows where all my visitors are coming from and I have recently had a visitor from Chadigarh, India! Wow! That is SO cool! So welcome to my little blog! I hope you didn't get the wrong impression from my blog title, if you're some purvy guy, you could expect it to be completely different. This blog is pretty simple, just my adventures in and around San Diego.

Do you know that Chadigarh means The City Beautiful? I did not. Learned that on Wikipedia. Check it out. It looks like a pretty amazing city. India is definitely on the list of places to visit.

And if you visiting from another state or even country, drop me a comment! Thanks for visiting.


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