Sunday, March 11, 2007

Still light out

It's 6:00 pm and with the time change, it's still light out. I'm so happy that the days are getting longer. Pretty soon it will be warm enough to spend the afternoon at the pool. I'm very ready to enjoy the summer. I had a great summer last year!

Today has been a really great day. Got up early and met my friend KZ for a visit to the San Diego Museum of Art to check out the Annie Leibovitz exhibit. The exhibit was wonderful; featuring her professional work alongside personal family photos from 1990 - 2005. The photo series was very touching; especially the personal photos of her partner Susan Sontag's struggle through many bouts of cancer. She shared some very sad photos of Susan and of her father's death. I got very teary looking at those photos. But weird fact, Annie, gave birth to her first child at 51! And then three years later to twins. I definitely am a supporter of women having children whenever they decide, into their 40's, but in your mid 50s seems extreme. Her children will be 10 when she is 65. I want to go back sometime during the week to go through the exhibit again as there was a movie I didn't get to watch completely, it was very crowded. I highly recommend checking out the exhibit if you get a chance.

From there we walked over to Spanish Village and checked out some of San Diego's local artisans. It was beautiful in Balboa Park today and we decided to have lunch at the Prado. It's definitely spring in San Diego. Lunch was delicious and I enjoyed a Mojito. I'm ready to mix up the first batch of 2007 Mango Mojitos for poolside enjoyment.

Tonight will be a nice night in, I've got plans to make some Brussels sprouts with panchetta. Yumm! I've been out every night this week since Tuesday night. And will be out most of next week.

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