Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Great Feedback

I've received some emails and phone calls from some of my friends with great feedback on the blog. Thanks so much! I really have been enjoying writing and getting my thoughts out and hopefully sharing some fun stuff about what I'm learning about myself during this time off along with what I'm discovering online.

Yesterday, I mentioned to LB that I really wanted Taco Bell. And for some reason, I thought that I only had to wait till the end of the month for fast food. But I just looked at my list of 43 Things and it clearly states I have to wait Three Months for Taco Bell! It's not that I eat a ton of fast food. Maybe once every two weeks. But I love me some Taco Bell! Oh well. Better for the waistline and pocket book. That selective memory was acting up again!

One of the things that I've discovered in my blogging, is . This website is a great place to bookmark favorite sites. Basically, instead of your bookmarks residing on your computer, they are out there on the web. So say you bookmarked something for work on your home computer, you can go to work and open up and find what you've bookmarked. Hopefully you've tagged it based on the content so you can find it again. If you want to see what I've bookmarked, just search for me by FirstinitalLastname. You can join my network, pick out websites that you want me to check out etc.

I've also discovered the world of Blog Carnivals. Basically, a blogger decides to host a Carnival on a topic like Personal Finance or Fitness or writing or whatever and announces he's taking submissions. Bloggers then submit a blog they've posted on the subject at hand and the host then selects the best posts and collects them all into one posting. I've enjoyed the Personal Finance Carnival that comes out on Mondays. I just found a Personal Development Carnival that you may or may not want to check out. Some interesting posts.

Finally, I'm working on my PatioScaping website and will have something to share with you very soon. Can't wait!

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