Monday, January 22, 2007

Out of Concealer

So, I'm out of under eye concealer. And, I'm almost out of my Super City Block SPF 25, the secret of my youthful skin. ;) Anyway, I know I'm on a shopping sabatical, but, I did state that I could replace essentials like concealer and sunscreen. I would go without eating before I gave up my sunscreen! I just can't buy new eye shadows or lipsticks or anything "fun." I was hoping that Bloomingdales' (because I have a Bloomies gift card) would be hosting a Clinique gift with purchase, but that doesn't start until February 14. I do have a Sephora gift card, so I will be going there to make my purchase.

I've done some investigating. It looks like Clinique has a new under makeup sunscreen: Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40!! 40 SPF! Those harmful rays will not be blemishing my skin with age spots and fine lines! Take that!

Also, they have a new concealer: Line Smoothing Concealer. So whatever lines I have that I've earned (through smiling, laughing, crying, etc) vs. etched on my face, will be minimized.

I'm very excited to get to go to the mall. I won't be going into any other stores, but being around people will be fantastic! And just the thought of shopping without spending, makes me giddy! Thanks to MM for my Sephora gift card. I'm so excited. Woot!

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Megan, The Former Gymnast said...

I think that it's amazing how you are not going to do any shopping for six months. I couldn't do that. Not that I shop for fun very often (practically never for me, but occassionally for my kids or husband). I really enjoy reading your blogs!