Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lots of Things

So, as you'll notice one of the 43 Things I'm doing right now is refraining from spending any money on clothes, shoes or accessories. I can purchase basics like skin care and makeup (no new lipsticks or eye shadows) just replacements for basics that I run out of. The point is I have plenty. I have plenty of clothes and stuff. And I need to not spend the money, save if you will. And the point is, there is so much consumerism out there, magazines just to get you to shop, shows that make you unsatisfied with what you have. Here is an article about a group of people who went on a Shopping Sabatical in 2006. Currently, I'm tracking not to spend for six months. My friend Susan is joining me in my effort for the first three months and my friend Heather is joining me for the second three months. I just want to be a more conscious consumer and be more cognizant of what I really need.

But now that I've just finished talking about how I'm going to refrain from shopping, I have to tell you, just because I'm not shopping, doesn't mean I don't want to. Right now I really, really want the Blackberry Pearl. It's so cool. I don't know why. Maybe its the 10 email accounts you can have on it.

And, I just recieved an email from Designers Guild that they are having a sale and if you are in the UK, you should stop by. I love their stuff, so bright and cheery. I would love to re-do my bedroom in this stuff.

Was cleaning out my bulk mailbox and discovered an email from the guy that Kristin set me up with. The older triathlete. Well, as you recall, Kristin met him on the street one night back early December, and passed him to me (she being married and all). We met for coffee. Well, the last time I heard from him was Dec. 9 as he was flying to Dallas for a trip. The email that he sent reads: "Hi Sarah, How are ya? I’ve been travelin’ hard for work and then I set to Seattle for the holidays. Did you get the job you were after? I hope so. Care to get together soon?"

Well, I'm not planning on replying. For me there was no chemistry whatsoever. However, if I was a ballsy girl, this is what I would say in my reply: "Dear Ron: I'm great. No, did not get that job I was after. Thanks for your invitation, but as it's been a month and when we did meet you were a little too busy checking your blackberry and checking out every woman that walked in for my tastes, so I'm gonna take that as a sign that you are just not that into me. I'm guessing that you're bored and trying to find something to entertain yourself with. Which is fine, but don't waste my time. I'm trying to find a guy who can't wait to talk to me again and who, when we meet, turns off his phone if it rings, cause he'd rather talk to me and when we are out, never notices other women (and if so, doesn't so blatantly check them out that I would notice). Good luck to you with your ADD or your Bigger Better Thing search or your whatever."


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