Friday, January 05, 2007

Job Search Synopsis

Ok, for all of you who are keeping tabs, here's the deal:

  • Followed up with the Radio Station this week several times. Finally heard that they are trying to fill the assistant position first and for me to follow up next Friday.
  • Got a lead with a LARGE/GYMONGO software company and heard to expect a call from the hiring manager next Friday.
  • Was passed a lead for a recruiter at a LARGE/GYMONGO wireless company from a former colleague at Dot Hill. Applied for a position and also sent email to the recruiter with colleague. Then a friend of mine who I worked with at DH also has a connection at this super large wireless company and sent my resume over to her recruiter connection.
  • Former DH colleague also submitted my resume to the Mktg Director at the company he works for: VERY Pet friendly place, you know, it's where the pets go...
  • Found a posting for a position at an online flower retailer that reports to an acquaintance of mine. Sent her a note with my resume and applied for the position on line. Will follow up on Monday.
  • Followed up on resume submitted to large/well-known storage company and left message for the hiring manager.
  • Followed up on resume submitted to bio-tech company VP of Marketing I met at networking event in November. They still have not opened their search to non-biotech marketers. She said to touch base beginning of February
  • That position that I applied for several times this summer, the large women's retailer, is still open. Don't get it!! Come on, not even an interview.
On the freelance side of things:
  • Edge of World Retreats is on hiatus until February, as they are experiencing a cash flow issue. Watch for the Jan. 21 article in the UT.
  • Met with an auto insurance company this week and submitted a proposal to help them with some branding and tv work. Should be good for about four weeks work.
  • Met a guy last night, Manuel, a friend of Lee's, who is in the position of Marketing Director for a small tech company. Gave him my contact info and offered to give him advice or even consult on projects if needed. He seemed interested in my help.
Results of Networking this week:
  • Wednesday, went to the 92101 Networking event and met a guy who is trying to find a marketing director for Vavi Sport & Social Club. Unfortunately, the pay is just above entry level. I will offer to consult.
  • At this event, everyone wear's a nametag that indicates what you are looking for or what you want. I wrote down "A Patio." As I believe I need to complete a couple of patio designs to build up my portfolio as part of the PatioScaping business plan.
    • As a result of this, I did meet an Interior Designer who says she is always needing someone to do patios or front doors. So who knows.
  • Thursday: went to Lee's Thursday Night Happy Hour. See above re: Manuel
  • Monster
  • The Ladders
  • CareerBuilder
  • Hot Jobs
  • CraigsList
  • LinkedIn
That's it folks, I'm done for the week.


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You're a busy Sassy Girl :-)

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well, I am impressed!