Friday, January 19, 2007

Interview Update

So, I had an interview today. And I'm puzzled by the experience. I met with the hiring manager and two of my peers. She had mentioned that they would be joining us for the interview. She gave a 30 second overview of the position and then let the two women who would be my peers start asking questions. Their questions were good. More about how I would handle challenges, but not really about my work history or specific experiences with online media, which is what the job was primarily about. The hiring manager gave me good facial and verbal feedback to my answers. However, after 30 minutes, one of the peers asked me if I had any questions and of course I did. So I started asking and I noticed one of the women looking kind of bored or I don't know like I had overstayed my welcome. I had assumed it would be an hour long interview. So only after 40 minutes they concluded the interview. The hiring manager would be going on vacation for a week and then the following week the team would be traveling. I don't know. Maybe they only give all the initial candidates 30 minutes. It felt like they were doing the interviewing and she was just there for support and to evaluate their performance. Which is fine. But you would think that with three people an interview would last longer than 40 minutes. I interviewed earlier this week with one woman and that went 75 minutes. It's almost like, I was a test interview for all the real interviews they would be doing later. Who knows... but regardless I won't hear from them for almost two weeks.

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Megan, The Former Gymnast said...

My dad always told me that even if I am not looking for a job that I should go on as many interviews as possible, because you can learn something from each & every interview. It's also good to stay in practice of interviews. It's so easy to forget how to act during one. I hope it goes well for you!