Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lucky Girl

I feel like a very fortunate and lucky girl tonight. I just got back from having dinner with a friend and her husband and little girl. She's a friend from "Dot Hell." She read one of my previous postings, one in which I wasn't the positive girl you all know and love. And she invited me over for dinner. We had a great time catching up on all the work gossip and just chatting and hanging out. She made a delicious roast chicken and very yummy brussel sprouts. A recipe I will have to make for myself sometime.

Anyway, she is a wonderful listener and offers great perspective on many of the challenges I'm facing. But the best thing of all was being around her 3-year old daughter. She was so much fun to play with. We painted with watercolors, played with playdoh, played with her new pink kitchen and other toys. It was fun to be around her wonderful, charming personality.

And my wonderful friend gave me a great pep talk and with a full belly I'm very relaxed and happy tonight. I'm so grateful for all of my friends; mostly just the escape their friendship offers. I'm living being jobless 24 hours a day, seven days a week and just being in a new environment and chatting really helps take my mind off of things.

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Dano said...

Just surfing by to see what's been happening. Sounds like a fun time with a good friend!