Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Not much to say...

I don't have much to say right now. Just keeping my head down. Working on my freelance assignments (two more just popped up thanks to some old work connections), building out my business plan, and job searching.

So far this week, one phone interview and one face-to-face interview down, with an additional face-to-face interview this week. All with different companies. I'm remaining optimistic, but guarded.

I've also been taking a Property Management class to fulfill my real estate license requirements. I'm just going to get my license and keep it in my back pocket. Like a possible escape plan or retirement work plan.

This weekend was busy, as my PM class is Friday nights and Saturday mornings. Then Saturday afternoon a baby shower. I think I'm done with the baby shower scene for a while, unless Larissa, Kristin or Cathy decide to defect to the dark side as well. I hope not, as I enjoy their company on fun outings so much and I know motherhood puts a damper on some of that.

Saturday night was to be LB's birthday celebration, but due to the Navy helicopter crash on Friday night, that was put on hold. The helicopter came from her husband's squadron. Thankfully it wasn't Chris, but sadly four sailors did loose the lives. It's a very sad story. I spent the weekend with her, as Chris flew to the ship they flew from to investigate and I did my best tap dance to keep her busy.

Sunday, Kristin and I went to check out the new Museum of Contemporary Art buildings downtown. It's a very cool building. There is this one exhibition that features spices. You walk into the building and it smells like Chai Tea. I just wrote a review for Associated Content. I'm basically, reviewing everywhere I go to make some $$. After that LB and I went hiking out at Cowles Mountain. Wow was a long hike.

Last night I outlined some side income goals for the year. They are pretty aggressive, but if I'm going to dig my way out of the debt hole I'm in in less than 25 years I'm going to have to have additional streams of income. The biggest stream will be freelance consulting with almost half of my goal attributed to that and the rest split between my online efforts (Associated Content, Deal Barbie Pays, Blogging) and my business idea. I am really working out the details on my PatioScaping idea and plan on formally launching March 1. So now that I've put it out there, I'm going to have to stick to it! I'm going to spend Friday afternoon meeting with various SMEs to gather information and then this weekend (when not preparing for next weeks interview) finish the business plan.

So, Thursday night should be interesting. Kristin and I heading out to TNT at the museum. We may run into The Sculptor...

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