Thursday, January 18, 2007

Job Update & One Important Question

So, tomorrow I have an interview. It will be my third interview of the week. Each interview has been with a different company. So that's good...

In case you are wondering what I've been doing, here is a summary to date:

  • Networking events attended: 30
  • Networking meetings with associates: 7
  • Phone Interviews: 8 (this is what I wrote down in my calendar, many times people would call and screen me if they reached me and I didn't write those down in my calendar)
  • Recruiter Interviews: 3 face-to-face interviews with 6 people
  • Face-to-Face Interviews: 16 with 31 people (I counted that second round with B&B as one interview, but with 7 people, even though it was two at a time for 30 minutes each. )

They say that the average person speaks to 8 hiring managers before they get an offer. I don't get it. I hate, HATE being below average. UGGG!

I've been contemplating a question. I recently breezed through "Who Moved My Cheese" and I've been pondering some of the thoughts/concepts from that book.

1) Basically if someone moves your cheese you shouldn't sit around and bemoan the loss of the cheese, but go and find new cheese. Now, should I think that since I've not found a job in my desired field that I should go and find a new field? I'm getting all these interviews. It seems like there is plenty of cheese. But, no one has presented me with the right cheese.

2) What would you do if you weren't afraid? I definitely am full of fear nowadays. I'm afraid of loosing my home; of never finding a job; of never getting out of debt; of having to file bankruptcy; of putting myself out there with a guy; of failing in love and it not working out, again; of not achieving my dreams. I know many of these are completely irrational. But, what would I do if I wasn't afraid?

I think.. I'd stick to my plan and keep looking for the right job. I don't think it's chuck it all for real estate. My fear there is more money out the door; not failing at it. But I feel like I have to give myself some sort of deadline. How much longer do I keep burning through money?

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Megan, The Former Gymnast said...

Good luck with the interview! When the time is right, the perfect job will come around for you!
Best of luck!