Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Music Tuesday and stuff

Ok, this morning I went to the gym and I saw this woman walking through Horton Plaza in her cute trench coat wearing these shoes. I almost... pushed her down the escalator and stole them off her feet. They look sooooo cute on. Ohhhh, I've not bought a new pair of shoes since this summer, July, I think when I bought some black espadrilles from BR. I wish I could shop. I stopped by Guess and they are $99! That is so much money to me right now. But oh, I want them. :(

Tonight, watching the CBS Evening News they did a piece on more women staying single longer. Apparently, in 2005, 51% of women were unmarried. One woman they interviewed said she had been married twice and she was better off alone. I think I agree. I'm so much more emotionally stable when I'm single. Men are the reason why I get crazy. I am definitely on the bench and I'm not getting off anytime soon.

Ok, a couple of things about the Golden Globes. Big props to my favorite girl Cameron Diaz for being in the same room with her ex-JT. Although I lu-uve JT, I had high hopes for them as a couple. He probably decided that he "just didn't want a girlfriend at that moment, cause he just has too many things he needs to do." She looked fabulous!

Watching the GG, noticed a new campaign from Lexus, with what I saw two different spots. One of the spots featured a pianist composing the Mission Impossible theme song. I don't know why that spot resonated with me, but it did. I've been trying to find it on YouTube without luck, probably because it is so new. And the second spot was good as well.

Also, GMC ran a commercial for the Acadia, featuring a cover of Melt With You, the iconic, 80's song. It was a great cover performed by Nouvelle Vague.

Finally, to our new music of the day. At Christmas, my good friend Stephanie gave me a cd by Cat Power, called Dear Sir. I like it. The group is lead by Chan Marshall. She has a great voice. She sings the Cat Steven's song "How Can I Tell You" in the DeBeers commercial that was running during the holidays.

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